Wonder Woman

Written by. Wesley Milam

Warrior princess of the Amazons, Diana of Themyscira, bears the title of Wonder Woman[1]. Created by William Moulton Marston in 1941 to fight the Nazi threat, Wonder Woman is the world’s most popular Female Hero. In her sixty plus years of publication, she has been a Righteous Avenger, Savior-Martyr, and a Monster Fighter. She is also the only Female Hero who has undergone four origin stories, but still holds on to her lineage as an Amazonian.

The Amazons are a nation of female warriors in Greek mythology known for their skills in battle. Marston uses Amazonian lore to forge the first origin story of Wonder Woman. In this story, The Golden Age, Diana wins the right to return Captain Steve Trevor, an American fighter pilot who crash landed on Themyscira and was nursed back to health by Diana, back to man’s world. Because Amazonian culture does not allow for a man to reside with the amazons, Hippolyte calls for a tournament to enlist a member of the amazons to return Captain Trevor. Diana, having fallen in love with Trevor, fights in the tournament and wins. She receives the lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets and a tiara as tools to fulfill her mission. These tools are trademarks that have survived throughout her origin stories.

Her second origin story, The Silver Age, was influenced more heavily by Greek mythology. Diana was blessed by the Greek gods, who gave her super strength, speed, and intelligence. In the Modern age, Diana was born of clay, molded by her mother Hippolyte. In 2011, DC comics revamped all of their publications in The New 52. Wonder Woman again received another origin story in which she is the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyte.

Wonder Woman is a Female hero because she is an independent, action oriented female of the modern era. With her classical lineage, she has proven herself a number of times as a capable warrior even against the male superheroes like Superman. In fall of 2013, DC Comics plans to release a Superman/Wonder Woman comic line that will focus not only on their relationship, but also villains’ plans that can cripple the super couple. This is the first time in Wonder Woman’s career that she will have a comic series defined solely by a relationship.

Wonder Woman is a Monster Fighter because she has fought monsters like, the Minotaur, and aliens. In these fights, she has used all of her abilities and powers to win. However when she fought with the demon Neron, he brutally killed her. Upon her death the Olympians granted her divine status as The Goddess of Truth. Diana could not stand by and watch the suffering on earth, and she interfered in worldly matters. These actions caused her to be banished from Olympus but classify her as a Savior-Martyr.

Often Wonder Woman has participated in active vengeance. Her sister, Zola, was kidnapped by Hades and dragged to the underworld, after which Diana embarked on a quest to rescue her. This quest qualifies her as a Righteous Avenger.

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