Sheldon Cooper

Written By. Kathryn Stanland

Sheldon Cooper is one of the main characters of CBS’s hit show, The Big Band Theory[1]. As his occupation, Sheldon is a theoretical physicist at Caltech, where he works with his friends Leonard, Howard, and Raj. Each of his friends also has an occupation in the scientific field. The show then focuses on Sheldon and the adventures that he and his friends share together. Another of the main characters is Penny, Sheldon’s neighbor and Leonard’s eventual girlfriend, who’s street smarts are a counterpart to the brains of Sheldon and his friends.

As indicated by his position held at Caltech, Sheldon is incredibly smart in not only the field of theoretical physics, but in almost all aspects of physics as whole. In relation to the show, he is regarded as genius due to his extreme intelligence and abilities as a scientist. Though his friends also share careers in the science field, Sheldon’s intelligence surpasses theirs. In the show, Sheldon rarely lets an opportunity pass in which he can show off his smarts, often correcting people around him and showing off all of his vast knowledge.

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a result of his extreme intelligence, Sheldon is usually left confused in relation to society and societal norms. Sheldon does not see the point in many of the daily activities of other people, such as parties or romantic relationships. Basically, if the activity does not have any sort of intellectual benefit or stimulation, Sheldon cannot see the point of it and immediately dismisses it. This dismissal often results in Sheldon offending people who try and be friendly or social towards him, as he will tell them exactly what he thinks of their actions, usually in a negative manner. His neighbor, Penny, is often left in charge of instructing and teaching Sheldon how to interact with society and have fun, as opposed to having everything be perfect and related to science or knowledge.

But Sheldon’s extreme smarts often come in handy as well. In almost every episode of the show, Sheldon and his friends must figure out some sort of problem or complication either in their personal or social lives. In relation to these problems, Sheldon sometimes comes up with solutions that his other friends may not have thought of, coming up with unconventional methods to resolve their issues.

[1] The Big Bang Theory. Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. USA: Chuck Lorre Productions, 2007 to present